Accepted papers

Full papers

Lina Ye, Philippe Dague and Lulu He. Manifestability Verification of Discrete Event Systems

Patrick Rodler and Michael Eichholzer. On the Usefulness of Different Expert Question Types for Fault Localization in Ontologies

Ingo Pill and Franz Wotawa. Exploiting Observations from Combinatorial Testing for Diagnostic Reasoning

Valentin Bouziat, Xavier Pucel, Stéphanie Roussel and Louise Travé-Massuyès. Single State Trackability of Discrete Event Systems

Alexander Feldman, Johan de Kleer and Ion Matei. Correct by Construction Circuit Design

Inbal Roshanski, Meir Kalech, Roni Stern and Amir Elmishali. The Cold Start Problem in Software Fault Prediction

Ion Matei, Maksym Zhenirovskyy, Alexander Feldman, Johan de Kleer and Rahul Rai. Real time model-based diagnosis enabled by hybrid modeling

Gianluca Torta and Francesco Schembri. Model-Based Diagnosis with Sentential Decision Diagrams

Elodie Chanthery, Pauline Ribot and Amaury Vignolles. HyMU: a software for Hybrid Systems Health Monitoring under Uncertainty

Alexander Feldman, Ingo Pill, Franz Wotawa, Ion Matei and Johan de Kleer. Diagnosing Sequential Circuits as Boolean Satisfaction

Ion Matei, Johan de Kleer, Alexander Feldman, Maksym Zhenirovskyy and Rahul Rai. Classification based diagnosis: integrating partial knowledge of the physical system

Eyal Hadad and Roni Stern. Predicting Software Tests Traces

Dean Cazes, Roni Stern and Meir Kalech. Model-based Diagnosis with Uncertain Observations

Peter Struss. Process-oriented Diagnosis and Intelligent Decision Support Systems

Gregor Goessler, Thomas Mari, Yannick Pencolé and Louise Travé-Massuyès. Towards Causal Explanations of Property Violations in DES

Yves Sohege, Marcos Quinones and Gregory Provan. Unknown Fault Tolerant Control using Deep Reinforcement Learning: A blended control approach

Kaja Balzereit and Oliver Niggemann. Automated Reconfiguration of Cyber-Physical Production Systems using Satisability Modulo Theories

Tom Obry, Louise Travé-Massuyès and Audine Subias. DyClee-C: a clustering algorithm for categorical data based diagnosis

Elodie Chanthery and Audine Subias. Diagnosis approaches for detection and isolation of cyber attacks and faults on a two-tank system

Anastassia Kuestenmacher and Paul G. Plöger. Symbolic Representation of Execution Specific Knowledge

Sikai Zhang, Jiayao Lin, Qizhe Lin and Zi-Qiang Lang. A data-driven method for the detection of fly-off faults of large rotating machine rotor parts


Gregory Provan. Abstraction-Refinement Methods for Model-Based Diagnosis

Patrick Rodler. Reuse, Reduce and Recycle: Adapting Reiter’s HS-Tree to Sequential Diagnosis

Riccardo Orizio and Gregory Provan. Identifying anomalies in Cyber Physical Systems using higher order derivatives and machine learning

Marco Bozzano, Alessandro Cimatti and Stefano Tonetta. Testing Diagnosability of Fair Discrete-Event Systems

Eran Hershkovich, Roni Stern, Rui Abreu and Amir Elmishali. Prediction-Guided Software Test Generation

Pooja Bhat, Santosh Thoduka and Paul Ploeger. A Dependency Detection Method for Sensor-based Fault Detection

Frédéric Chatrie, Xavier Franceries and Marie-Véronique Le Lann. Deep learning for regression problem applied to radiotherapy pre-treatment verification

Alex Mitrevski and Paul G. Plöger. Data-Driven Robot Fault Detection and Diagnosis Using Generative Models: A Modified SFDD Algorithm

Youssef Mahmoud Youssef, Linda Koine, and Martin E. Müller. Inducing Explainable Rules about Distributed Robotic Systems for Fault Detection & Diagnosis