Visitors can easily find accommodation in Klagenfurt which caters to their specific needs and preferred budget range – from 4-star hotels offering SPA and leisure facilities to a variety of budget hotels near the city center.

Recommended hotels

The conference will be held in Hotel Sandwirth which is a 4-star hotel located in one of the very heart of Klagenfurt near Neuplatz – the central square of the city. Well connected to all districts of Klagenfurt with a bus network it can be reached within 10-20 minutes from any other hotel.

Nearby hotels

  • Hotel Palais Porcia is located directly on the central square of the city in an old palace build in 16th century in a popular at this time in Vienna Renaissance style.  The conference hotel is located on the other side of the street.
  • Hotel Goldener Brunnen is located only 300m away from the conference hotel in front of the city cathedral with a very quite and romantic patio.
  • There are many other hotels and apartments located in the city center, which you can find using your favorite booking website.

Getting around Klagenfurt

The conference hotel can be reached from any district using the bus network of the city. All buses are traveling to Heiligengeistplatz square, which is the central hub of the public transportation network and is located only 100 meters from the hotel. The schedule can be queried in Google maps or “Quando Klagenfurt” app, which is available on both Google Play and App Store.

Tickets can be bought directly in the bus. All tickets allow you to ride all buses within the defined time limit:

  • 1 hour – €2.20
  • 24 hours – € 5.00
  • 72 hours – €9.90
  • 7 days – €15.00

Klagenfurt Bus Network